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Kip Kumler, owner and winemaker

5 August 2014

A lot has happened in the last few months and we are only now getting back on our feet.

In that period the ABCC unilaterally decided that wineries in the commonwealth could no longer offer tastings unless they also obtained a pouring permit, which puts the winery in the category of a restaurant and subject to a much more arduous application process. All this, despite the fact that wineries everywhere and for thirty-five years here in Massachusetts have offered and charged for tastings.

Fortunately, the Town of Lincoln expedited our approval for a pouring license, which we have now secured. In the meantime, the legislature passed legislation "restoring" a winery's right to offer and charge for tastings. They also finally passed legislation (effective in 2015) allowing direct shipment of wine, something Mass wineries have long supported in the name of consumer choice.

Slowly, reluctantly, but inexorably, this commonwealth is moving to a more open, less protectionist society. Free markets equal free people.

You can see the current schedule of tastings & tours under the header above with that title. Now is the time to visit and taste our remarkable wines.

Turtle Creek Wine-Shares are very popular. This is a great way to insure you have a selection of Turtle Creek wines spread over a year or more. Wine subscribers enjoy many related benefits. Click on the WINE-SHARES header above for more information.

We are participating in about twelve farmers markets, some every week, others less frequently. To check the schedule and times where we will be, click on the link below for our farmers' market calendar. Please come and taste our wines at a local farmers' market!

Turtle Creek Farmers' Market Calendar

While we have no visitor center or tasting room, we do offer regularly scheduled wine tastings & tours. Both are led by the winemaker and emphasize the science and art in viticulture & wine making.

Tours & tastings are now scheduled on both Saturdays & Sundays in the afternoon and posted here under TOURS in the header above. Reservations for either are required.

Now, you can choose any scheduled date and make a reservation for either a TASTING, which lasts about one hour, takes place in our underground barrel room., or the FULL-TOUR which lasts about two hours, begins with a tour of the vineyard near the winery, followed by a visit to the fermentation room and lab. It also includes the TASTING.

Please go to the menu header above entitled "TOURS & TASTINGS" to see the schedule and make a reservation; it's easy!

Finally, we have added a link to offer on-line, direct ordering of all our wines which are currently available. You will find this link under the header above titled "OUR WINES".

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Mirabile dictu!
In vino narratio
(In wine is the story, marvelous in the telling)

Kip Kumler, Owner and Winemaker